Are Disney World Annual Passes Worth the Price?

Disney World Annual Passes just went up in price. But are they worth the price? I answer that very question in this blog post.


How to stay cool in Disney during the Summer? | Disney |Mel. Is. Bored. Now.

How to stay cool in Disney this Summer? It’s the end of April and it is currently 81 degrees in Orlando and 88 degrees in Miami (that’s where I live). This summer is going to be brutally hot. Just like last summer. And the summer before. You can’t always avoid the sun. But you can […]


Disney World | Best Park Ticket Deal for Florida Resident

Park admission tickets are expensive. Once you’re in the park you kinda don’t remember how much you paid for the fake smell of pop corn in Magic Kingdom. Though expensive, Disney has a really good Disney Disney promotion (as the time of this blog posting). Disney Disney is a newish (I remember seeing commercials about […]


Disney World | Favorite Ride 2019

Disney WorldEpcotSpaceship Earth2019 I’ve been going to Disney World since I was a tiny me. Maybe for over 30 years now or close to. That’s 30 years worth of Disney magic and Disney experiences. I’ve seen rides come and I’ve seen rides go. RIP If You Had Wings/Delta Dream Flight/Take Flight, 20,000 Leagues Under the […]


Disney World Epcot | Festival of the Arts 2019 Food

Walt Disney WorldEpcotFestival of the Arts 2019Beef Brisket Poutine Fries I’m still full and I’ve been back in Miami for over 2 days now. Really and truly we ate so much. Our mistake was eating breakfast at 10 am then head to the park. We thought we would be less full from walking to the […]


Disney World Magic Kingdom | My Fave Food

Disney World Magic KingdomAdventurelandSpring Roll Food CardPhoto Credit: Disney Food Blogs Disney food is awful. Bland burgers. Soggy fries. Foot long hot dog and corn dogs. Meh. But the Magic Kingdom has a small food cart just across from The Enchanted Tiki Room and next to Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland). If you walk by […]